Common benefits of clinical hypnotherapy

  • A more positively oriented worldview
  • Increased ability to detach from obsessive behaviors and habits
  • Increased ability to focus on stressful situations and ideas while remaining emotionally balanced.
  • Refreshed feeling of self- control
  • Reduced feelings of depression or anxiety

Rejuvenation with hypnosis

Through (self)- hypnosis, we can eliminate subconscious age accelerants and introduce new age- defying interactions.We can identify the corrosive effects of aging on the mind and body, and replace them with youthful vitality.

Despite conventional assumptions that aging is largely an uncontrolled physiological phenomenon which is determined largely by genetics, new emerging perspectives recognize the complex mental, spiritual, and physical interactions underlying aging as well as our capacity to deliberately influence them.

Hypnosis as rejuvenation strategy is important in several ways. First, it can set the stage for implementing a wide range of age- management strategies. Examples are procedures that target the underlying dynamics of aging as well as the external signs of aging.

Hypnosis is also important to rejuvenation because of its capacity to energize inefficient biological systems, including malfunctioning or weak organs.

Furthermore, hypnosis can influence brain activities in ways that directly alter the neural and biochemical functions associated with aging.

When appropriately applied, hypnosis as an age-defying strategy can slow the aging process and literally reverse the visible signs of aging.

For rejuvenation as well as many other self-empowerment applications, self hypnosis is the key to achieve visible results.