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Angelina Sophia Hartman

Who am I?

I am a trained and certified practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. I have studied in the world renowned International College for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Londen ( in 2020 rewarded for the best Hypnotherapy Course Providers of the year)

I provide hypnotherapy treatments for people suffering from diverse forms of pain, going through the chemotherapy or having different skin conditions disorders. I can also help cope with stress and anxiety performance, phobias or break the bad habits like nail biting, overeating, smoking . 

For people seeking for something beyond the personal , material and beyond the everyday I serve a very powerful approach of quantum healing that helps them find the answers to existential questions and live more in alignment with the soul purpose.

My journey as a hypnotherapist 

“My biggest nightmare became my greatest strength “

In 2016 my daughter 18 months old was diagnosed with the brain tumor. Going through a 1 year chemotherapy treatment, I’ve spent a lot of time with her in the oncology clinic . As a passief observer of sick children suffering a lot pain because of chemotherapy treatments I felt overwhelmed and helpless.

That changed my life forever. 

I couldn’t cope with my life anymore in the way I did before this huge trauma.

Feeling numb and empty I tried to find a deeper meaning and purpose in my life.

I’ve spent 4 years studying, traveling and meditating . In this time I  received my big Kundalini awakening .After that I was fast tracked to my purpose. I gave up my career as a tax accountant and owner of the tax office and started education as a hypnotherapist, a new chapter in my life.

Today I live  my life with 3  healthy children full of joy and love being aware of  how precious every day is. Believing that everyone has the power within to heal themselves ,Using a powerful tool of hypnosis I help people become healthier , happier and more conscious .

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