Regression therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a therapist leads a person to remember events buried in the subconscious. The goal of regression therapy is to bring repressed emotions to a conscious state and then release them.

There are three types of regression therapy:

1. Hypnotic regression

2.Age regression

3.Past life regression

During hypnotic regression, a therapist might use imagery, exploration of physical sensations, and storytelling to guide their patient through the past.Ones a difficult memory is found, emotions that had remained buried could come to the surface to be released.

The memory and its  effects could also be reframed to feel less painful to the person.As a result of releasing these emotions or reframing the difficult events a person might experience improvement in their daily life.

Regression therapy uses / benefits:





Unexplainable pain,


Smoking cessation.

The method create a safe environment for accessing difficult emotions. The relaxed state of hypnosis might make a person feel more open to addressing their inner lives.

Hypnosis that focuses on regression remains controversial for several reasons:

-False memory syndrome :

Memories gained during hypnosis are not trustworthy and can unintentionally create false memories

-Preconceived ideas:

The therapist may have ideas or opinions formed beforehand about clients that cause false or leading suggestions

-Lack of training : opponent argue that people performing hypnosis are not all trained therapists.

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