Ego State Therapy is based on the idea that a person’s psyche is the amalgamation of several distinct people or egos, such as wounded child or controlling personality.

What are the Ego States?

Ego states can be refer to a”family of selves”. Each of us must navigate several discrete identities and roles. Ego state therapy aims to identify these different roles and then integrate them info a coherent self.

Ego state therapists identify four distinct ego states:

-A vaded ego state is an ego that has experienced a traumatic event it has not yet processed. Vaded ego states cause emotional reactivity and require resolution of trauma.

– Conflicted ego states are those that are in conflict with one another.They lead to a sense of internal conflict, and ego state therapy aims to resolve the conflict.

-Retro states are ego states that once worked but are not harmful.Ego state therapy endeavours to help these states learn to come out only when they are useful.

-Normal ego states are healthy states that are openly acknowledged ,not in conflict, and not maladaptive.

The goal of ego state therapy is to achieve normal ego states.

Ego state therapy is normally a brief approach to therapy instead of a long and protracted process that requires several years of work and can be effective at treating a variety of conditions, including post-traumatic stress.

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