CBH is powerful approach that shows  clients how to think and how to become their own therapist, educate them about what are healthy and unhealthy beliefs, and how to find more healthy ways to cope with everyday difficulties.

CBH is  created by using 

the art of persuasive communication – a valuable skill for personal and professional growth, as it can help you negotiate better deals, built trust and rapport, and achieve your(clients) goals

and  hypnosis  the state of No STATE

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a process where unhealthy and healthy negative beliefs are identified, disputed and in the hypnotic trance state weakened or strengthened .Using  hypnosis  by this process is up to 70% more effective compared to only classical psychotherapy.

The process of weakening and strengthening continues through the application of relevant homework.

To treat presenting symptoms , build trust with patient and let them get familiar with hypnotic states  therapy start with 2-4 hypnotherapy sessions including

progressive relaxation, healing inner child, ego strengthening, pseudo orientation ,regression, dissociation, self hypnosis

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