banner-10Brief Solution Focused Therapy promotes positive change rather than dwelling on past problems. As practitioner I encourage the patient to focus positively on what the patient do well, set goals and work out how to achieve them. SF therapy session focus typically on the present and future, engaging the past only to the degree necessary for communicating empathy and better understanding of the patients concerns.

The most traditional psychotherapeutic approaches including Freund, practitioners assumed that was necessary to make an extensive analysis of the history and cause of their clients problems before attempting to develop any sort of solution.

Solution-focused therapists see the therapeutic change process radically differently: a therapist can help patients resolve their problems without identifying the details of source problem and completely avoids exploring the details and context of the problem. Focusing on the problem is actually may serve to shift the patients away from the solution. This is because SFBT fundamentally believes that the nature of the solution can be completely different from the problem. SFBT is all about finding alternatives to the problem , not identifying and eliminating the problem. The therapy is designed to help people change their lives in the fastest way possible, supports clients self-determination, focuses on the strengths and resoures of patient and its efficiency translates into monetary savings.

Researchers suggest that the efficacy, practicality, and optimistic nature of the treatment translate well across cultures, and that the approach allows patients to maintain familiar relationships and personal dignity while addressing mental health issues.


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